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We accept the following major insurances:

  • CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
  • Aetna (excluding Aetna Innovation plans whose member IDs begin with the number 1)
  • United Healthcare
  • Cigna (excluding Cigna Connect)


Dr. Fotuhi has opted out of Medicare. However, the “secondary insurance” for Medicare patients usually covers our services. Please call our office for more information.

Pricing for Self-pay Patients

Neurological Evaluation

Initial comprehensive neurological evaluation by Dr. Fotuhi:_____$525
It includes review of your medical records, brain fitness questionnaire, physical exam, neurological exam, cognitive screening, ordering tests, and formulation of an initial diagnosis. The evaluation may take 1-2 hours.       

Follow-up office visit with Dr. Fotuhi:_____$325  
It includes review of test results, confirmation of a diagnosis, and formulation of a final diagnosis and a treatment plan. A follow up visit may take 15-60 minutes.      


Diagnostic Tests

Neurocognitive Evaluation (2-4 Hours):_____$475

Quantitative EEG Brain Mapping (1.5 Hours):_____$325
Blood Tests, Brain MRI, Sleep Study, and Carotid Ultrasound, if needed, are performed at outside facilities. 


Treatment Services

All sessions are face-to-face individual training and take about one hour.

Cognitive Skills Training:_____$150

Brain Coaching/Counseling:_____$150


The treatment sessions with the multi-disciplinary Brain Fitness Program or Concussion Recovery Program can range from one brain coaching session to 60 hours of comprehensive cognitive rehabilitation, neurofeedback, and counseling over a 12 week period.
Dr. Majid Fotuhi NeuroGrow Brain Fitness Center

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