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Meet our team of highly compassionate professionals


Bita Fotuhi
Chief Operating Officer


Bita oversees all business and operational aspects of our practice. She ensures that all of our patients and staff are fully satisfied with their experiences at NeuroGrow. She handles the human resource aspects, staff scheduling, payroll, billing, technology matters, and communication with insurance companies. She serves as an advocate for our patients, and promptly addresses any concerns they may have. 
Bita has had a great deal of leadership experience in the field of technology and healthcare. She earned her engineering degree from Concordia University in 1999 and pursued a career as a computer engineer at Ericsson. She then joined Lockheed Martin corporation and was involved in their contract with Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, including the modernization of their on-line Affordable Care Act. Prior to joining NeuroGrow, Bita served as the practice manager for the Neurology Institute for Brain Health and Fitness where she was in charge of technology, HR, and the business aspects of that operation. 
In her spare time, Bita enjoys spending time with her two young daughters (Nora & Maya) and her husband (Dr. Fotuhi), dancing tango, fitness training, and traveling. 
Harpreet Kaur
Director of Operations


Harpreet is our Director of Operations who works hard to make sure our staff and patients are happy and that the office runs efficiently. She has great communication and organizational skills and plays an integral role in every aspect of the office. She handles the staff scheduling, payroll, billing, and communication with insurance companies. Harpreet is also a friendly face at our front desk and aids in the check-in, scheduling, and general administrative process.

Harpreet is dedicated to ensuring our patient’s have a great experience at NeuroGrow. Harpreet attended George Mason University and earned her Bachelors in Health Administration. She is planning on furthering her education and obtaining a Master’s in Business and Information Technology.

When she is not in the office, Harpreet enjoys traveling.

Carter Cunningham
Director of Neurocognitive Therapy & Assessments


Carter helps our patients improve their memory, mood, sleep, and executive function through our Brain Fitness Program. He conducts a complete neurocognitive battery of tests to determine which areas of a patient’s brain work well and which areas need some work. He reviews these results with our patients and then tailors an individualized set of interventions to address their specific concerns and goals. Carter also helps with running our neurofeedback program and other aspects of our clinical operations. Our patients love his genuine compassionate style and contagious positive attitude.

Carter received his Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience from Brigham Young University. He assisted with the PETIT Study in which he administered neuropsychological assessments to children. Furthermore, he helped research the neuropsychological effects of preterm birth. He is the first author for the article “Human Figure Drawing Tests” in the Encyclopedia of Clinical Neuropsychology 2nd edition.

While pursuing his neuroscience degree he assisted in drug addiction research and facilitated addiction recovery meetings. He was a coordinator and taught at upper elementary schools for Dr. Jonathan Wisco’s Anatomy Academy. The program teaches children about anatomy, physiology, and nutrition.  Carter is passionate about the brain’s amazing ability to heal itself and how we can use this concept to help our patients become calmer, more focused, and happier.

In his free time, Carter loves to paint, draw, cook, and make films.

Molly Chinoy
Brain Coach


Molly is our spirited Brain Coach who is dedicated to helping others overcome the challenges they face and be their best selves. She is focused on working collaboratively with patients to refine their cognitive skills and boost their confidence. Molly works hard to ensure that her patients feel comfortable and see a significant improvement in their mental and physical health.
Molly attended the Honors College at the University of Maryland, College Park, and graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She is planning to attend graduate school to earn her master’s degree in social work. She is interested in becoming a mental health counselor and helping those who struggle with anxiety and depression.
In her free time, Molly enjoys hiking, meditating, asking to pet other people’s dogs, watching Law & Order: SVU, and eating French fries.
Pritty Dwivedy
Brain Coach


Pritty attended George Mason University and recently graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience. During her time at Mason, she was a research assistant in the Human Factors and Applied Cognition Psychology Arch Lab and worked to examine the effect of transcranial direct current stimulation on the brain while multitasking. She also conducted research studying the relationship between memory and metabolism in tardigrades in the Physiological and Behavioral Neuroscience in Juveniles Lab. Pritty worked as the Marketing Coordinator for the Well-Being Team at GMU to raise awareness for the benefits of well-being and mindfulness across campus. She has tutored elementary school children with learning disabilities for the past decade in all school subjects and has done extensive volunteering at Jill’s House, a non-profit organization for children with mental and physical disabilities. Pritty plans to attend medical school in the near future and is deeply passionate about working closely with others to help improve not only their lives but also her own. 

In her spare time, Pritty loves being outdoors, playing games, learning about health and fitness, watching films, and trying great vegetarian recipes. 

Faith Ferber
Brain Coach


Faith loves being a Brain Coach because it allows her her to pursue her passion for helping others. She values utilizing individualized and holistic health care to address all factors of personal health.

Faith is a recent graduate of American University where she graduated Cum Laude with degrees in Psychology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She plans to continue her education by obtaining a Master’s degree in Social Work.

In her free time, Faith volunteers for a crisis hotline and an organization working to end sexual violence on college campuses. She can also be found trying to pet as many dogs as possible.

Haley Gaetani
Brain Coach & Clinical Associate


Haley graduated from Longwood University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology. She is extremely passionate about the field of behavioral and mental health and strives to assist patients become the best version of themselves. Previously, she worked as an Intensive In-Home Clinician for a mental health agency that works with families with children at risk of being removed from their homes. With empathy and compassion, Haley uses individualized cognitive therapy techniques specific to each patient to improve their functionality and wellbeing. She is currently enrolled in a Master’s program for Clinical Mental Health Counseling and plans to be licensed as an LPC.

In her free time, Haley enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing with her dog Paisley, cooking, and going to the gym.

Joanna Powers
Brain Coach


Using individualized plans, Joanna helps patients address and work toward various goals during their participation in our Brain Fitness Program.  In addition to brain coaching, Joanna also provides neurocognitive assessments and neurofeedback therapy.  She assures a calm and comfortable environment for patients while conducting assessments and neurofeedback sessions.  Her committed and tranquil attitude guarantees that patients feel at home in her office even during the most hectic of days.

Joanna earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from George Mason University. Her most recent experience is in behavioral therapy for children with autism. She assisted in the formation and refinement of behavioral intervention programs, and administered a large variety of programs including speech therapy, basic academics, and general motor skills. Joanna also has extensive experience with teaching children of all age groups in subjects including S.T.E.M. and physical education. Her commitment to enriching the lives of adolescents often extends to her free time as she coached volleyball for two years through the Fairfax County Park Authority.

In her free time she enjoys singing, cooking, being outdoors, and photography.

Hailey Watson
Brain Coach


Hailey is our ambitious, mindfulness-oriented Brain Coach and Clinical Associate. She uses the results of a neurocognitive battery of tests and questionnaires to cultivate an evidence based, holistic and individualized treatment program for each patient. She also works diligently in partnership with the rest of the NeuroGrow team to ensure that every individual is provided with the optimal environment for transformation and positive growth. Hailey specializes in utilizing mindfulness based meditation  to reduce stress and increase cognitive abilities.

Hailey is recent graduate of Texas Tech University, where she was awarded with a Bachelor’s of Science in Community, Family and Addiction Sciences. As apart of her undergraduate degree, Hailey completed her practicum at a private non-profit counseling agency where she assisted in providing accessible counseling services to those in recovery from addiction. She plans to continue her education and obtain a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, so that she can continue to help others nurture their own personal development and well being.

In her free time, Hailey enjoys challenging herself through weightlifting, snowboarding and hiking. But, also makes the time to unwind through meditation and by spending time with her two dogs.

Amanda MacQueen
Director of Electrophysiology and Neurofeedback


Amanda is our cheerful Clinical Neurotherapy Associate who loves taking care of our patients through qEEG assessment and neurofeedback therapy sessions. She greets our patients with a warm smile and makes them feel comfortable as they go through our program. She enjoys ensuring that each patient’s protocol is implemented perfectly and that patients continue to improve from one session to the next. She is dedicated to her work and loves watching her patients experience the positive impact of neurotherapy on their lives.

Amanda received her BS in Psychology from the University of Mary Washington where she discovered a passion for Cognitive Neuroscience. She hopes to further her education in the field, and build a career working closely with people to improve their quality of life.

In her free time, Amanda enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing with her two dogs, watching football, and traveling.

Courtney Wilson
Clinical Neurotherapy Associate


Courtney is our enthusiastic Clinical Neurotherapy Associate who works to implement patients’ personalized neurofeedback protocols, as well as conduct EEGs. Courtney is eager to assist patients with their neurofeedback training and wants to be a resource for patients in order for them to reach their goals. She enjoys getting to know patients, as well as seeing them improve throughout their neurofeedback training.

Courtney received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. In her senior year she conducted multiple independent research studies which included research on pain thresholds. It is through her course work and her research that she discovered her passion for Cognitive Neuroscience. She is planning to further her education in Cognitive Neuroscience and hopes to achieve a Masters’ degree or a Ph.D. 

In her free time, she enjoys exploring her new home, trying new restaurants, visiting wineries and breweries, hiking and traveling. 

Iris Alvarenga
Clinical Associate


Iris is our friendly Clinical Associate who helps with patient intake, setting up appointments, verifying insurance plans, and answering questions or concerns patients may have. She also assists with Neurofeedback and conducting EEGs. With years of customer service experience, Iris is dedicated to making sure patients are greeted warmly from the moment they walk through our doors. Iris is also bilingual in Spanish.

Iris is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and plans on pursing a doctorate degree in childhood clinical psychology.

In her free time, Iris enjoys reading, playing with her dog, and watching dramas. 

Yumna Khan
Clinical Associate


Yumna is one of our Clinical Associates who helps with patient checkout, scheduling appointments, billing, and addressing patient concerns.

Yumna graduated from Shenandoah University with Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology and a minor in Biology, and plans on pursing a Doctoral degree in Occupational Therapy with a concentration in Pediatrics. In her junior year she helped conduct a study which demonstrated the different impacts that fitness can have on the brain with alternative music choices. She also worked with her school soccer team and conducted exercise testing as part of her curriculum.

In her free time, Yumna enjoys traveling, dancing, going to the gym, listening to music, and learning about different cultures. She is also fluent in 4 languages and wants to continue learning more.

Delia Miranda
Clinical Associate


Delia is our kindhearted and attentive Clinical Associate who greets our patients with a welcoming smile and has great organization and communication skills. At Neurogrow she is responsible for patient intake, verifying insurance, scheduling appointments, and answering phone calls, all while ensuring every task is completed in a professional and timely manner.
Delia has her Bachelor of Art degree in Psychology with a minor in Spanish and is working on a certification in Psychology of the Workplace. She plans to advance her education in the field by receiving her Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She is interested in improving the well-being and performance of an organization and its employees. 
In her free time, Delia enjoys trying out DIY projects, watching new shows on Netflix, reading novels, and traveling to new places. 
Rachelle Perez
Clinical Associate


Rachelle is our wonderful and enthusiastic Clinical Neurotherapy Associate. She graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2016 with an undergraduate degree in Bio Behavioral Health and is currently working on her Master’s Degree from American University in Healthcare Management. Rachelle has a lot of experience in clinical research. She previously worked as a lab associate in a rehabilitation center where she assisted in providing treatment services for individuals recovering from chemical dependency. She has a thriving passion for health and wellness, and hopes to one day open her own healthcare facilities specifically geared toward women’s health.  

Megan Magalhaes
Brain Coach, Clinical Neurotherapy Associate & Clinical Associate


Megan recently graduated from the University of Virginia with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and will pursue her master’s degree in forensic psychology this fall at George Washington University. While at UVA, she volunteered as a research assistant with the Sexual Assault and the Law Project which analyzed the experiences and legal outcomes of women who became pregnant from sexual assault. During her fourth year, she interned with the Offender Aid & Restoration Drug Court office in Charlottesville, a program providing substance abuse treatment for non-violent drug offenders with the goal of helping them reach sobriety with treatment rather than jail time. 

In the future, Megan hopes to pursue her doctorate in clinical psychology and become a mental health and substance abuse counselor. During her free time, she enjoys exercising, going to concerts, baking, and cuddling with her cat named Kitty. 
Richard Shaw
Director of Exercise Physiology and Nutrition


Richard started his fitness career 20 years ago in a small boxing gym in Savannah, Georgia and has always had an affinity for sports. He played varsity football, soccer, baseball, and ran track in high school. He also played two years of DIII College Football at Maryville College in Tennessee. Richard received both his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and his Master’s in Sport Management from Georgia Southern University. He also played four years on the GSU men’s rugby team and completed his massage therapy program immediately after graduation. He holds certifications from the NSCA, NASM, ACSM, USAW, and is a licensed massage therapist. Richard is a third year PhD student in the kinesiology program at George Mason University. His research interests include strength & conditioning as well as neurological impacts on health and wellness. He lives in Washington, DC with his wife Jeannine and his four-year-old son Connor.
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