Video Blogs

Ways to Lead a Happier Life

Happiness and the brain: what’s the connection? Check out this video for tips on how to train your brain to be happy and lead a more fulfilling life.

The 3 Most Common Causes of Stress

Overcoming anxiety and stress: can it be done? Learn about the three most common causes of stress, including habitual response, in Dr. Fotuhi’s video blog and welcome peace into your life for good.

Day to Day Memory Loss Explained

Is it Alzheimer’s or something else? Learn the difference between short term vs. long term memory and begin to improve your brain health through lifestyle changes today.

What We Can Do to Boost Our Brain Health

What causes memory loss? Surprisingly, Alzheimer’s disease isn’t usually the answer. Check out Dr. Fotuhi’s video for 6 ways to improve brain performance and strengthen your memory.