We first provide you with a comprehensive assessment of all your brain functions and then tailor a holistic and personalized treatment plan which will help you feel calmer, sharper, and happier.

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Neurocognitive Testing

Our comprehensive battery of neurocognitive tests can assess your cognitive function in regards to memory, attention, processing speed, and abstract thinking. By comparing the results to those of other people your age, we can see which parts of your brain are strong and which parts could be improved. We also provide clinical questionnaires for holistic views of a patient’s health.

Brain Mapping (qEEG)

Brain mapping, also known as quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG), records the brain’s electrical activity at multiple sites on the surface of the scalp. By comparing the results to a database of healthy normal individuals the same age and gender as the client, we are able to develop a treatment protocol that specifies sites on the scalp and brain wave elements to be trained.

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Neurologist Dr Majid Fotuhi

Neurological Evaluation

After reviewing your medical records and learning about your concerns, Dr. Fotuhi will perform a neurological exam to evaluate all potential causes of your brain related issues. This usually includes special testing of your motor and sensory abilities to determine which components of the neurological system may be contributing to your symptoms.

EEG-based Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback that uses your brain wave patterns (obtained via live EEG recording) to help you become more calm and focused. Based on a large number of placebo-controlled research studies, neurofeedback harnesses your brain’s natural neuroplasticity system to improve your attention, focus, sleep, and mood.

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Brain coaching services

Brain Coaching

Brain coaching is a one-on-one session with your dedicated, trained advocate. During your sessions, you will have the opportunity to talk with your brain coach in order to find easy ways to enhance your memory, reduce stress, improve organizational skills, and discover creative solutions to your challenging life circumstances. ​

Treatment and rehabilitation for concussion & TBI

Sometimes patients who suffered a concussion have lingering symptoms for weeks, months, or even years. With his expertise in the fields of memory, migraine, sleep, anxiety, and dizziness, Dr. Fotuhi has put together a successful program for such patients.

neurology treatment for ADD & ADHD

We offer a comprehensive program that includes neurofeedback, a drug-free treatment for children or adults with ADD or ADHD. This is a safe and effective method supported by numerous placebo-controlled clinical trials.

neurology memory loss treatment

Dr. Fotuhi has over 25 years of research and clinical experience at Johns Hopkins and Harvard Medical School in the field of memory, aging, and brain rehabilitation. Neurogrow’s “Brain Fitness Program”, developed by Dr. Fotuhi, has an 84% success rate.

neurology treatment for anxiety & insomnia

Patients with chronic anxiety and poor sleep may find it difficult to function in day-to-day life. At our brain center, we will determine the causes of your anxiety and insomnia and provide you with a comprehensive treatment protocol.

neurology treatment for migraine

Patients with migraine are often sensitive to many triggers in their environment. Neurogrow focuses on drug-free interventions that have been shown to be highly successful.

neurology treatment dizziness & vertigo

Dr. Fotuhi completed a one-year fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital and served as the director of the Center for Balance, Dizziness, and Vertigo at Sinai Hospital. As one of the leading experts in the field, he can treat even the most complex cases.