Dizziness Recovery Program

We Can Help You End Your Dizziness

Dizziness Recovery Program

Dizziness and vertigo are often symptoms of an underlying cause, such as medication side effects, inflammatory conditions, or medical conditions that affect the inner ear, heart, or the brain. These can lead to an unpleasant sensation that can be debilitating. At our brain center, we evaluate all potential causes of your dizziness and then provide you with a comprehensive treatment program that features individualized brain coaching and cutting-edge neurofeedback treatment.

dizziness recovery program

Comprehensive Dizziness Assessment And Treatment

The Dizziness Recovery Program involves a thorough evaluation by Dr. Fotuhi to find all the potential causes for your dizziness issues. Your evaluation may include a neurological evaluation, neurocognitive testing, and brain mapping.

Neurocognitive Testing: Because dizziness is often associated with anxiety, insomnia, memory loss, and other cognitive symptoms, we will perform a battery of tests to establish your strengths and weaknesses with regards to attention, speed of processing, memory, and problem solving.

Brain Mapping (qEEG): We use state-of-the-art EEG technology to establish your brain’s electrical activity and then determine areas that can be improved with neurofeedback treatment. We then tailor a neurofeedback protocol (see below) to help put you in a calm and focused state of mind.

Neurological Evaluation: Dr. Fotuhi will review your medical records, learn about your concerns, and perform a complete neurological assessment. Depending on the results of your neurocognitive testing and your evaluation, you may need help to improve your sleep, attention, focus, and memory in order to fully resolve your dizziness.

Brain Coaching: Our enthusiastic brain coaches will use effective, fun, and targeted brain games to help you boost your attention, memory, and organizational skills. These one-on-one training sessions will be personalized based on the results of your cognitive evaluation and your specific needs and concerns.

Neurofeedback: This cutting-edge EEG-based neurofeedback treatment can enhance and optimize your brain wave activity. It is a science-based and drug-free intervention shown to help you become calm and focused.  For more information about neurofeedback, click here.

dizziness recovery program

Patient Example

After a recent car accident, a 35-year-old male began experiencing dizziness and vertigo. He mentioned to his wife that he was constantly nauseated and felt like “the world is spinning.” The patient and his wife met with Dr. Fotuhi, who learned that following the accident, the man was prescribed pain medication. After thoroughly reviewing the patient’s medication list, Dr. Fotuhi was able to titrate the patient off the pain medication and offer alternatives for pain management. The man started the Dizziness Recovery Program and received integrated, multi-disciplinary treatment for all of his symptoms.