COVID-19 Update

We now provide our Brain Fitness Program for COVID-19 survivors suffering from post-viral neurological issues such as brain fog, reduced concentration, and anxiety. You can read more about Dr. Fotuhi’s thoughts on COVID-19 and ensuing neurological problems on our COVID-19 Articles Page

covid-19 daily beast article

The Daily Beast - August 2020

Recent studies indicate SARS-CoV-2’s impacts on the brain—from memory lapses and depression to strokes and seizures—could plague survivors for years, decades, even generations.

covid-19 cnn article

CNN Health - July 2020

One of the more puzzling aspects of the novel coronavirus is just how many organ systems are impacted through the course of the disease. 

covid-19 nyt article

New York Times - June 2020

For three months, Chelsea Alionar has struggled with fevers, headaches, dizziness and a brain fog so intense it feels like early dementia.

neurobiology of covid19

WTOP - June 2020

People with serious cases of COVID-19 can develop mini blood clots in the brain that cause what are known as silent strokes, resulting in damage.

covid-19 medscape article

MedScape - June 2020

A new review outlines a three-stage classification of the impact of COVID-19 on the central nervous system and recommends hospitalized patients with the…

covid-19 diagnostic imaging

Diagnostic Imaging - June 2020

Three-stage system can help providers assess patients, as well as guide future treatment and research efforts.

covid-19 nyt article

Being Patient - June 2020

Researchers are urging COVID-19 patients to see a neurologist six to eight months after their hospital discharge if they are experiencing cognitive issues.

covid-19 heal imaging article

Health Imaging - July 2020

There is growing evidence that, in addition to attacking patients’ lungs, the coronavirus also targets the central nervous system, causing adverse neurological symptoms.