Fotuhi Friday Talks: What Causes Memory Loss?

Fotuhi Friday: Learn What Causes Memory Loss


This Friday the Neuro Grow team discussed what causes memory loss with Dr. Fotuhi.

So, what does cause memory loss, and how can you stop this process and avoid Alzheimer’s disease in the future?

Today’s goal is to boost your memory, improve its performance, and grow your brain! We are going to go over some changes that you can make in your life today to do this. 

Let’s dive into those brain cells!

The Common Causes of Memory Loss

There are five common causes of memory loss that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease down the road. We wish that there was some magical pill that could reverse the process, but in reality, the magic pills lie within you, and your actions. 

1. Anxiety and Stress

Did you know that anxiety and stress can shrink your brain? The more you worry about issues, the more your brain will shrink and thus cause you to have memory issues. 

2. Concussion

This one is a “no-brainer.” Banging your head while playing sports like hockey and football are going to cause memory issues in the long run. It is essential to wear proper protection while playing sports, and to remain mindful while out on the field!

3. Decreased Sleep

People who sleep fewer than six hours over many, many years have a smaller brain. Not getting enough sleep is very bad for your brain’s health, functionality, and memory loss. Make sure you are getting at least eight hours of sleep every night. 

4. Obesity

Did you know that there is an inverse relationship between the size of the belly and the size of the hippocampus? The hippocampus is the memory part of the brain. So the healthier you are, the healthier your brain will be. 

5. Depression

Depression goes hand in hand with stress and anxiety; if you are depressed and have negative thoughts all the time, then it can expedite the process of Alzheimer’s disease. 

There are many other causes for memory loss, and Alzheimer’s disease if the very last and most extreme case. 

It’s vital to take hold of your life and create healthy habits. Otherwise, you will cause yourself memory loss and shrinkage of the brain, which will lead to Alzheimer’s disease among other health complications. 

Luckily there are some daily habits that you can implement today to ensure that your memory is sharp, and your brain keeps growing. 

Let’s jump in!

6 Ways To Prevent Memory Loss

These six key ingredients that go hand in hand with boosting your brain’s performance. These scientifically proven methods require some lifestyle changes that are easy to make, and may only take up an hour of your day! So let’s get to it. 

1. Exercise

Shape up! There is a linear relationship with the size of your hippocampus and your fitness level. The more in shape you are, the higher the capacity you have to retain information and remember important facts. People who walk just one mile a day, which equates to 20 minutes,  reduce their risk of Alzheimer’s by 50%. 

2. Eat Healthily

Eat a heart-healthy diet! I recommend eating a Mediterranean style diet for optimal brain health; people who eat a Mediterranean diet reduce their risk for Alzheimer’s by 48%.

I also highly recommend that my patients take Omega-3 fatty acids at a dose of 1000 mg per day for optimal brain and heart health. 

The most important thing here is to eat healthily, if something looks unhealthy, then it probably is, and you should avoid it at all costs. 

3. Decrease Stress

When you experience stress, depression, and anxiety, you produce a hormone called cortisol. This hormone is extremely toxic for your brain, and you can reduce it by smiling more. 

Try laughing at yourself next time you mess up, and realize that while life can throw you for some loops, it is better to enjoy the ride. Relax, chill, breath everything is continuously changing, and tomorrow the sun will rise on a bright new day!

Nothing is worth your brain and your hippocampus, if something is bothering you, it is best to let it go. 

4. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to decrease stress anxiety and depression. So go ahead and give it a go. Breath in, breath out, focus on your breathing, close your eyes, and be here now in the moment, clear your mind. 

Taking ten minutes out of your day to meditate can help. Breathing slowly for a short period every day can reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s disease decades later. 

5. Get More Sleep

Give your body and your brain the rest that it deserves, if you are up all night with stress and anxiety, do something about and make sure you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night. 

6. Follow Your Dreams

Scientists have discovered that people who have a sense of purpose in life do not have memory problems even if Alzheimer’s disease is present in the brain. So be passionate about what you do, break outside the box, and follow your dreams!

The Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease

Like we said before there will never be some magical pill that cures you of Alzheimer’s disease. The cure is within you and the steps you take daily to become your best self.

Enjoy your life, and enjoy your body is the vessel that leads you through every day and on the path to following your dreams! 

Be passionate and be kind to yourself. Try to integrate these methods in your life and take the steps necessary to living with vitality. 

Make sure you get enough sleep, eat healthily, and take just 30 minutes a day to go for a walk and meditate. 

It is amazing what 30 minutes can do. It is incredible what your mind can do. If you need help getting on a brain fitness program come into Neuro Grow and we will create an individualized plan to get your brain on the growth track. 

Don’t forget to smile, enjoy the day, and spread this brain health video to all your friends so that they can start growing their brain today!

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