Date Outlet Article Title
July 2020 CNN We're only just beginning to learn how Covid-19 affects the brain
June 2020 Philly Voice ‘Silent’ Neurological Damage Caused By COVID-19 May Lead To Future Health Problems
June 2020 Tabip Academy Three Stages to COVID-19 Brain Damage Identified by Top Neurologists in Journal of Alzheimer Disease Paper
June 2020 Matzav ‘Silent’ Neurological Damage Caused By COVID-19 May Lead To Future Health Problems
June 2020 Mental Daily Study Depicts Three Stages Of Neurological Deficits Caused By COVID-19
June 2020 Jewish Life ‘Silent’ Neurological Damage Caused By COVID-19 May Lead To Future Health Problems
June 2020 Sound Health & Lasting Wealth Coronavirus symptoms update: Major effects on brain could trigger Alzheimer’s disease
June 2020 Daily Mail How coronavirus can attack the brain: From exhaustion and depression to even DEMENTIA symptoms… the effects Covid-19 can have on one of our most vital organs
March 2018 CNBC To avoid Alzheimer’s don’t wait for a miracle drug. Sleep, diet and exercise may do more.
September 2017 Prevention 7 Learning Projects That Will Keep Your Brain Sharp
April 2017 Newsmax Health Six Ways That Can Help Alzheimer’s-Proof Your Brain
February 2016 Reuters Brain Fitness Program May Ease Cognitive Impairment in Elderly
February 2016 Medical Daily Personalized Brain Games May Stop the Brain from Shrinking with Age
February 2016 Time Some Brain Games May Grow the Size of Your Brain
February 2016 Yahoo 5 Memory Tricks From People Whose Jobs Require Them to Have a Good Memory
October 2015 AARP Magazine Eat Your Way to Brain Health
September 2015 Time Eating Fish May Lower Your Risk for Depression
September 2015 Redbookmag 8 Things Doctors Tell Their Friends About Aging
September 2015 Yahoo 9 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Boost Your Recall
September 2015 Martha Stewart Living Tips and Tricks for Keeping Our Brain Sharp As We Get Older
July 2015 Medscape Unique Brain Fitness Program Boosts Cognition, Brain Size
July 2015 Psychiatry Advisor Brain Fitness Program Effective for Mild Cognitive Impairment
June 2015 TIME Magazine 5 Surprising Ways to Help Your Memory
May 2015 TIME Magazine How To Give Your Brain a Workout
May 2015 New York Times Facing Down Alzheimer’s
April 2015 Prevention Magazine How To Beat Alzheimer’s at Its Own Game: The New Science of Prevention
November 2014 Madata Unexpected Causes That May Make You Forget
October 2014 Health A User’s Manual: Your Brain
October 2014 Miami Herald How to Be Less Forgetful
October 2014 Financial Times The Silver Economy: Brain Training Fired Up By Hard Evidence
October 2014 Sigma Live Sabotage Memory (Καταστάσεις που… σαμποτάρουν τη μνήμη)
October 2014 Salute and Benessere Memory: 5 Foods That are Good For the Brain
October 2014 Salute and Benessere 12 Unexpected Things That Mess With Your Memory
September 2014 Giao Duc And Thoi Dai Unexpected Things That Can Mess With Your Memory
September 2014 Hallels Top Factors on Memory Lose During the Younger Ages
September 2014 Better Homes and Gardens 10 Habits for a Healthy Life
September 2014 International Business Times Factors On Memory Loss During the Younger Ages
August 2014 Health 12 Unexpected Things That Mess With Your Memory
August 2014 WTOP New Chevy Chase Brain Center Says It Can Boost Memory
July 2014 Techlicious Brain Training Apps That Really Work
June 2014 Parade A Neurologist (and Dad of Two!) Shares Tips for How Parents Can Promote Brain Health
June 2014 Pop Warner East Smart, Play Safe - Pop Warner & DSM Youth Nutrition and Safety Panel
May 2014 National Center For Creative Aging Book Signing: Boost Your Brain - NCCA
May 2014 Beacon Can You Expand Your Brain?
April 2014 ABC News 12 Surprising Things That Mess With Your Memory
April 2014 Today Show How To Improve Your Memory and Stay Sharp
April 2014 Metro What You Can Do Today To Ward Off Alzheimer’s
March 2014 The Diane Rehm Show on NPR Growing Popularity of Online Brain Training Games
March 2014 Space Coast Daily Report Ranks States According to ‘Brain Health’
March 2014 Discovery News Is Religion Good for Your Brain
March 2014 Howard Magazine Columbia’s NeurExpand Brain Center Takes Aim At Memory Loss
March 2014 Tech Times Study Indexes Places With Best Brain Health
March 2014 Baltimore Sun Neurologist Tells Howard County Seniors They Can Slow Down Brain Drain
March 2014 Fox45 National Brain Health Survey
March 2014 The Atlantic Map: East Coast Brains Are Healthiest
March 2014 Women’s Health 35 Foods that Keep Your Brain Sharp
March 2014 U.S. News A New Report Says a Healthy Lifestyle Results in a Healthy Mind
January 2014 Livestrong Does Exercise Improve Learning in Children?
January 2014 The Voice Pop Warner Youth Football League Fights Brain Injury With Brain Science
January 2014 American Profile Expert Tips to Keep Your Memory Sharp
January 2014 American Profile Quick Tips to Build and Maintain Your Memory
January 2014 Howard Magazine NeurExpand Brain Center: Stretching the Brain